Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nine Dollar Schlitz

Nine Dollars. That's not the cost for a case, or a twelve pack, or even a really pricey six pack. Nope. That is what I paid for a single tallboy of Schlitz at the new Yankee Stadium this past weekend. The saddest part is that initial reports were that the tallboys being sold at the Stadium's Retro Beer stand (other available brands included Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ballantine, Schaefer and maybe one or two additional offerings) were of the 24 ounce variety. Well, they're not. These cans are only 16 ounces, so what you're getting here is a nine dollar pint. Of course I'm probably the biggest fool of all for actually paying the money for the beer (because if people are buying it then it's not overpriced), but the other options were just as ridiculous. Coors Light for ten dollars. Heineken for eleven dollars. Ouch.

And where are the craft beers? No where to be found, at least not in the "public" parts of the stadium. I did see a fan one section over from mine with what appeared to be a draft pour of Samuel Adams Boston Lager or a Brooklyn Lager or something similar, but he was in one of the fancy club/suite sections that are quarantined from the rest of us and require fans to sign away the rights to their first born child for access to said seats and amenities. If you've got a Retro Beer stand and a Beers of the World stand (although the worldly offerings that are Beck's, Stella Artois, Heineken, etc. are hardly enticing), than why not at least one craft stand with local offerings like Six Point Craft Ales, Brooklyn Brewery, Chelsea Brewing Company?

Although, at nine bucks a pop for a pint of Schlitz, we'd probably be looking at twelve to thirteen dollar (or more) pints of craft beer...