Friday, July 24, 2009

Live Art

I really dig the Rock Art Brewery. Their beer is always solid and they are always putting out new and interesting stuff without falling into the trap of becoming too over-the-top extreme. Plus, founder and head brewer Matt Nadeau is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet (check out a quick video from Matt at the end of this post for a bit more info on the beer we'll be reviewing here today).

While Matt's beers have been available here in New Jersey for some time now, they are sometimes a bit difficult to come by. So when I do spot a new Rock Art style on the shelves (or at least new to me) I tend to snatch up a few bottles right away. This time around, I was able to grab some Belvidere Big IPA.

It pours a crisp, amber color with a big, cascading, frothy head that leaves gobs of residue on the glass. Sweet juicy aromas immediately come to the forefront with a bit pf pine added into the mix (always a bonus in my mind...more pine, please), along with some caramel, a bit of bread and a touch of citrus.

The flavor is similar to aroma, but with much more of a bread vibe to it. There's a bit of pine in the middle and a sharp bitter finish. Alcohol is well hidden and is only picked up slightly at the finish. There is a medium body to the liquid here that presents a bit of slickness and is perhaps a bit light for the style but still has a nice carbonation bit overall.

This is a very enjoyable beer to drink, and is certainly one of the smoothest and easiest drinking Double IPA's that I've ever come across. Perhaps that is due to a mouth feel that is tamer than most others in the style category. Very balanced flavor that is hoppy but not overly hoppy by any means, and certainly a step beyond a standard IPA but not an over the top hop blast. Well worth a try.

Hopback, beer, Vermont, Rock Art, Matt Nadeau, Belvidere, IPA